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Soul retrieval is a technique of travelling on the astral plane to fetch pieces of yourself that got lost or stuck somewhere in time and space in the course of trauma. This sounds very esoteric, but we all have language that includes “I left my heart in…” or “I haven’t been myself since” or “I lost a part of me when” . Usually associated with a death in the family, a divorce, a move, a lost job, a breakup, a surgery, an accident. We also lose pieces of our energetic selves during more long-term traumas; a parent or mate who ignores or bullies us, being abandoned by a parent, feeling afraid over a long period of time.  

During a soul retrieval, the practitioner will first take a history of your traumas and of what you wish to accomplish by this healing. Whether your intention is to feel more empowered or more able to love or simply less depressed. Then she will create a space of protection in the room, have you lie on the table, and start journeying on the astral plane to find where you left important parts of yourself behind.


This involves negotiation sometimes, and taking that younger self to be healed by guides and animal allies. When they are ready to come back, she uses her breath to send that piece into your body, and does reiki to settle it in. She will also write down what happened on the journey and if there are any messages for you from your younger selves or from your guides. 

Afterwards, you may feel  deeply calm, or exhilarated . You may have some anger and sadness arise. You may notice that you feel much more empowered to speak and own your own voice; this is a common retrieval experience.  Many of the changes manifest over time, perhaps a period of months. It is a deep and lasting healing, especially if you pay attention to the advice your younger selves have for you. 


Soul Retrieval Rates:

  • $175/90 minutes

  • $125/60 minutes

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