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Reiki Treatment

Chakra healing is basically the same as chakra reading. It involves me looking at each chakra and seeing what the issues and blockages might be, as well as what unfulfilled potential in them is waiting to be developed.


Issues include beliefs, cords and hooks to other people’s energy and expectations, or to the expectations and beliefs of institutions. They also include memories from earlier in life which have imprinted you with certain expectations.


Chakra healing offers an opportunity to clear other people’s energy out of your psychic space so that you can access your own information and abilities. It also offers the opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs picked up at church or school or in other institutional settings. Where there is depleted energy, it gets filled and supported, where there is blockage, it gets lessened or removed. Chakra healing can be a half hour or hour session.


Chakra Healing Rates:

  • $140/60 minutes

  • $75/30 minutes

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