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Westwood Healing Arts

2120 First Ave N. #310
Seattle, WA 98109

Washington State massage license #MA00005860
NPI #1396054839
Member, ABMP


Westwood Healing Arts is a sole proprietorship, open since 2008. It is multidisciplinary.
Amy Wolf, LMT, is a treatment massage professional as well as a Reiki Master and trained psychic and medium. She studied massage at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, WA, and  polarity therapy at Cypress Health Institute in Capitola, CA. She studied with professional psychics in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Seattle. She studied with Reiki Masters in Seattle and became a Reiki Master in 2000. 
The work of becoming a professional psychic and energy healer started very young for her; with a mother who was chronically ill, she was always looking for ways to alleviate suffering in others. She was aware of seeing and hearing things which others did not at a young age, and it became clear over time that the information gained that way was not only accurate but useful.  Using that information to help others became a lifelong passion, especially at the  nexus of mind, body and spirit. And, you can still have a regular massage with none of the energetic or psychic tools called into play. 


Services Available 

  • Licensed treatment massage

  • Reiki

  • Chakra healing

  • Psychic reading with tarot or chakras or trance mediumship.

  • Classes in psychic development and reiki.

  • Guided meditations for inner child healing and healing of adult-onset traumas.

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