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Image by Viva Luna Studios


A system of cards used for an oracle which goes back centuries. I have studied this with a master teacher and practiced for decades.

  • $140/60 minutes

  • $75/30 minutes

Trance mediumship

The practice of going into trance and letting my spirit guides speak to you directly and answer your questions. My guides have a high level of accuracy around work and relationship issues, and also send quality healing through my hands towards you as they speak. They are kind, eloquent, but do not pull punches. They will tell you the truth, so be sure you want to hear it! 


Sometimes during these sessions, loved ones who have passed will also show up and relay a message but that can’t be planned or counted on. The spirits you will for sure hear are my own guides, not yours, although they consult with yours.

  • $140/60 minutes

  • $75/30 minutes

Chakra Reading

During a chakra reading , you are either seated or laying on a massage table. I scan your chakras from top to bottom and talk to you about what issues I see in them, both blocks and also unfulfilled potentials.


Personal relationships can be illuminated, and cords or agreements that tie you to other people are often discussed. This is essentially the same thing as a chakra healing; I generally do healing on what I am looking at. With your permission, of course. A half hour is usually sufficient, but I can do an hour.

  • $100/60 minutes

  • $60/30 minutes

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