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Tending the Garden

People tend to think of harvest as coming at the end of summer or early fall , with the first harvest being in the beginning of August . For vegetables, that is the case. For those of us who grow herbs, harvest can come much sooner . This week I harvested sage out of my garden, and yarrow.

June is the turning point of the year , or halfway point. We are close to the summer solstice. It is a good time to stop and reflect on what is growing in the garden of your life . What needs weeding, what needs more water . What is flourishing and showing more than expected growth.

I ask myself what needs to be tended and what removed; and I give thanks for the growth so far . The things I planted intentionally and the volunteer upstarts which bring me joy. I reflect on what visitors have come to my garden, and which I want to invite back.

And sometimes, I sit in the garden and rest and just absorb the energy and feel how it's flow is going on all around me, with my input but somehow bigger than me. This is true of my physical garden of plants , and also of my life .

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